Using Employment Dispute Mediation

When a group of individuals works together every day, disagreements are inevitable.  Employees may argue with other employees, or may feel angry if they were not selected for a promotion.  If left unchecked, these disputes may grow and eventually lead to the filing of a formal complaint in the court system.  Employment dispute mediation allows the parties to settle their disputes in a civil, peaceful manner so that their work relationships are more likely to continue.  During employment dispute mediation, the parties negotiate the terms of an agreement with a mediator.

During a trial, each party focuses on what wrongs the other committed.  After a trial has concluded, the relationship between the parties is often permanently damaged.  When these relationships are broken, the workplace often suffers.  Mediation encourages the parties to create their own settlement agreement by compromising and focusing on how the parties’ differences may be set aside.  Since mediation fosters communication, the working relationship of the parties is typically strengthened after mediation.

When a trial is avoided, the morale of the workplace is also protected.  Once a lawsuit has been filed, a business’ employees are often anxious and nervous that they will have to testify or be deposed in the case.  Employees are tense in the workplace, hindering their productivity, which damages the value of the company.  Mediation often allows a dispute to be resolved before other employees even know about it, which enables the company to operate smoothly.