Couple Consulting Financial AdvisorDivorce mediation is one of the best legal ways to bring a marriage to an end without causing lasting damage to your family.  When a couple agrees their marriage is over and they need assistance making arrangements for moving forward, mediation can be of great benefit.

There are a number of benefits to using divorce mediation to end your marriage.  In addition to taking less time and saving money, it also provides a great deal of flexibility.  Not all families are the same and not all divorce arrangements are going to work for every family.  Try as they might, the court system can only do so much for your family when it comes to a divorce.  Only you and your spouse understand your specific circumstances and know what is right for your family.  Mediation puts control into the hands of the divorcing couple and allows them to create an arrangement that works for them.

Divorce mediation is also confidential.  The most difficult part of a divorce, especially for the children, is the messy trial.  Private information is made public and anyone can peer into the darkest aspects of a family. Divorce mediation is conducted in private.  Even if mediation is not a success, discussions held during the process do not become public and cannot be used against anyone down the road.  This allows everyone to speak openly and honestly about their thoughts and feelings.

Are you thinking about divorcing or has your spouse approached you with a request to divorce? Though it will never be easy to end your marriage, divorce mediation can make the process less heartbreaking and less expensive.  To learn more or to schedule a consultation, contact Andrea Lafon or Laura Fortner at 501.850.8888.

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