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Civil mediation is an effective tool for resolving a variety of legal disputes.  Litigation is sometimes necessary, but more and more these days, courts, attorneys, corporations, insurance companies and individuals involved in legal disputes realize the benefits of civil mediation.  Not only does it prevent backlogs in the court system, it also saves a great deal of time and money for plaintiffs and defendants.

In addition to being efficient, civil mediation provides a number of other benefits.  It is especially useful in situations where an existing relationship is worth preserving.  When two parties have respect for one another and a legal dispute threatens to throw them off course and damage their relationship, civil mediation can provide a means by which to solve the dispute without causing long-term repercussions.

The basis of mediation is communication.  Mediators guide disputing parties through the process of discussing the problem and exploring various solutions.  Everyone’s thoughts and feelings are heard and considered, so nobody walks away from the process feeling as if they were treated unfairly.  There are no losers in civil mediation – only winners.  The sessions are confidential and the parties maintain control of the case.

Civil mediation also provides a great deal of flexibility.  Solutions that might not be an option, if a judge or jury were making a ruling, can be examined and applied when appropriate.  Every legal situation is unique and mediation makes it possible to find a unique solution to fit each circumstance.

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